The Courage of a Nation

healing from intergenerational trauma, addiction and multiple loss

The writing of this book was inspired by my visits to the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Nation on Vancouver Island and meeting Elder Allen Dick and the two Nuu-Chah-Nulth communities, Tseshaht and Ahousaht. Other inspirations emerged from my experience as a PhD student and my experiences working with the Anishinaabek peoples in Northern Ontario. As an Indigenous woman from Cape Town, South Africa, I have witnessed and experienced the debilitating symptoms of intergenerational trauma (IGT) and substance use disorder (SUD). As a witness to trauma and the range of ways in which it can degrade the human mind and soul, I am once again compelled to share the voices, experiences and viewpoints of the recipients of such atrocities.

The chapters are embedded with resilience, strength and courage of a Nation to embrace healing. For Indigenous peoples in Canada and across the globe, historical and IGT has sprung forth from colonialism, residential schools, the adoption sweeps (where Indigenous children were taken from their families of origin), loss of land, massacres, racism, and the loss of cultural practices and language. This book will trace some of these traumas and the healing that is possible with Indigenous knowledge.

This book is written in a similar style to my first book, Enlightenment Is Letting Go: Healing from Trauma, Addiction and Multiple Loss, but in the Indigenous context and voice as a testimony of the impact of intergenerational or abuse-related trauma, addiction and multiple loss on the lives and well-being of the Indigenous peoples in Canada and globally. Similar to my first book, this book is written through storytelling and poetry, as well as researched knowledge and wisdom.

This book will inspire you to rethink and understand the connections between IGT, SUD, multiple losses, and the healing and therapeutic process. This book is about the unbounded strength and unending courage of men, women and children who emerged from the depths of poverty, severe neglect and residential school trauma. They moved from IGT, SUD, loss of land, culture, language and traditional values to hope, awareness, self-determination, healing, reclaimed identity, peace, joy and freedom.

Through storytelling, spoken word and poetry, I explore the message that we are all born to heal. We all have the capacity for growth, transcendence, joy, unconditional love, peace and self-determination when we receive culturally sensitive and Spiritual support from Elders, healers, health-care professionals and families. The book will take you on a journey of the complexity and courage of the human Spirit and soul. My hope is that this book will inspire our capacity and ability to reconnect with the body, mind and Spirit through Indigenous healing practices that have sustained Indigenous peoples for centuries.

Furthermore, the content in this book explores treatment models from both Indigenous and Western Spiritual and health-care practices. Finally, the book discusses the impact of combined interventions and—through the stories of participants—showcases the impact and healing powers of these interventions. The journey through the book embarks upon unknown territories of truth telling, deepened Spirituality, strength and determination that will touch your heart with healing energy. The narratives are empowering and inspirational for clinicians, healers, professionals and a broader general audience. The desired outcome is an understanding that we as peoples are all connected and that we all have a responsibility to bring about healing in a world that can be cold, aloof and even cruel at times.

Enlightenment is Letting Go!

healing from trauma, addiction and multiple loss

 Enlightenment is Letting Go! is the boldest presentation of abuse related trauma, addiction and multiple loss. Written with a language from the heart it will take you to the depths of the connections between the disorders. This book is about the audacity and courage of men and women who transcended from the depths of suffering, trauma, addiction, loss, life threatening illness and atrocities to clarity, awareness, hope, healing, freedom, peace and enlightenment. The author further explores through story telling, the spoken word, and poetry the process of the healing journey. The book explores how embracing treatment and the healing journey can transform the deepest wounds and pain caused by trauma, addiction and loss. You will journey with the author and storytellers into territories of truth, spirituality, courage and honesty as they embraced the highest part of their being through healing. The stories will take you on a truthful journey within, and allow you to see the process of healing that is so much needed in the world today.